The parliamentarian plays several roles. 

First, he represents the people and sketches the political, institutional, economic, social and societal lines of the country.

Second, he oversees the work of the government, and ensures the executive of its action.

Third, he works and submits legislatives projects.

The parliamentarian must be open to the people, as he is legally elected and considered the only recourse of the voters in times of distress.

Nicolas Chammas

The 5-track reform agenda

To establish a state of law and institutions in Lebanon in order to protect the freedoms and to safeguard the essential rights of the citizens.

To reconcile the Lebanese society with itself: To bring together the various religions, communities, generations and social groups without any gender discrimination; As well as the national residents with the Lebanese diaspora.

To raise families’ standards of living through a better harmonisation of economic efficiency and social justice by creating a new and modern social contract that will give every citizen the opportunity to live decently.

To revive the various economic sectors and to promote the different clusters constituting

To restore the place of Beirut as a regional capital, to reaffirm the unique and civilised character of Lebanon by protecting its heritage, environment and natural resources, as to chart a future worthy of its glorious past and of its citizens’ ambitions.

Main points of my electoral plan



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